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Contact Getting the "Twin Paradox" Wrong

In the movie Contact, Ellie, who is the main character, comes in contact with an alien race. That same alien race then wants for one person on Earth to travel to them by building a ship with blueprints that the aliens send down to Earth. Eventually, with some complications, Ellie is in fact the one person on Earth who gets to go on the journey. The expedition goes swell and Ellie gets to meet the aliens. However, from Ellie's point of view in the movie, the trip lasted roughly 18 hours. Whereas the people who were watching her ship back on Earth only saw her fall straight into the ocean; which only took a couple of seconds. Now, one would say that the time differences that Ellie and the people back on Earth faced seemed true. However, the time scenarios in the movie actually portray the twin paradox to be backwards.  In order for the twin paradox to be correct in the movies situation would be in fact if the people on Earth experienced a much longer time period than Ellie did. Elli…

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