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I was able to watch Mission Impossible 3 for the first time recently. Overall I thought the movie was action packed and enjoyable. However, I will be analyzing three scenes from the movie to determine if the physics were realistic or not.

The first scene I will be discussing is the scene where Ethan throws a gun to the woman he is rescuing more towards the beginning of the movie. In order to figure out whether the throw would be as simple as Ethan (Tom Cruise) made it seem you would first calculate the time it took for the gun to travel from Ethan's hand to the woman. Now, one can either calculate the exact time or make a logical estimate. The estimate I've come up wit is 1.5s after watching the scene. Next one would need to find the displacement. One could figure that out by figuring out the length of the gun used and how long Ethan's hand travelled. An estimate for the gun could be 217mm and for Ethan's hand you could estimate 26, then once you multiply the two numbe…

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